Tere tulemast
It is our great pleasure to invite You to take part of the 3rd Baltic Conference of Hematology for Nurses which will take place in
23 -24 September 2022 in Estonia Tallinn. The venue of the conference is Radisson Meriton Conference Hotel.
The Conference is being held in collaboration with Estonian Hematology Nurses Society and Trade Union Santara Clinic Nursing
Staff from Lithuania.

The conference will be held at the Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference Hotel in Tallinn.

Registration has ended.

Kava (ENG)

1st day

11:30   Early lunch
12:30   Opening – Mariken Ross, ESTONIA
12:50   NOPHO protocols for kids and adults – Katrin Palk, ESTONIA
13:10   Acute leukemias – diagnostic methods – Kärt Tomberg, ESTONIA
13:30   Advances in AML treatment – Epp Valter, ESTONIA
13:50   Chronic lymphocytic leukemia, chemo or not? –
              Iige Viigimaa, ESTONIA
14:10   Chronic myeloid leukemia – treatment - free remissioon,
              break or cure? – Diana Loigom, ESTONIA
14:30   Coffee break
15:00   „Cytomegalo and Epstein-Barr virus infections in                                                 immunocompromised patient“ – Mait Altmets, ESTONIA

15:30 - 1700 Workshops
WORKSHOP 1 (In English) - Wound and lesion care for hematology    
                                                        patients - Helena Tern, ESTONIA
WORKSHOP 2 (In Russian) - Stress management using creative therapy    
                                                          methods – Katrin Heinloo, ESTONIA

19:00 Dinner

PROGRAMME 24.09  - 2nd day

9:30   Day ward coordination - Irena Vidinevičienė, LITHUANIA
9:50   Reccomendations for revaccination after haematopoetic stem     cell
            transplant in adults – Hele Nurme, ESTONIA
10:10   Malnutrition and nutritional support in hematology patients     care -
             Silvija Podskokova, LITHUANIA
10:30   Pediatric nursing before and after stem cell transplantation                                 - Karolina Kulevič, LITHUANIA
10:50   Coffee break
11:20   Immunotherapy complications and patient managemen
              - Marina Šatrova, LITHUANIA
11:40   Oral care after high dose chemotherapy
              - Liene Minkevica and Inguna Rozentale, LATVIA
12:00   The Foundation Hille Tänavsuu Cancer Treatment Fund
              "The gift of life" - Toivo Tänavsuu, ESTONIA
12:20   Say goodbye, till next time!
12:30   Lunch

The conference will be held at the Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference Hotel in Tallinn.